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    Objectives of the program

    This training program aims to empower leaders and staff of HR departments by building an integrated system for human resources management with sustainable tools, practices, and capacities. This program also contributes to the spreading awareness of the culture of excellence and the realization of values added to access a happy and participatory environment. The training covers all performances and capacity-building, supporting achievement and leadership within an effective and distinct enterprise plan and systems locally and regionally.

    Training Summary

    1. Strategic Importance of Human Resources Management and Future Management
    2. Concepts of the institutional organization and capacity of human resources
    3. Human Resources Institutional Excellence System (Q5 – HR)
      • The methodology for hiring and educating workers
      • The methodology for staff training and development
      • The methodology for managing employee performance and evaluating competencies
      • The methodology for managing institutional culture and internal relations
      • The methodology for assessing employee efforts (institutional happiness methodology)
    4. Building the Human Resources Performance Indicators Management System
    5. Global human resources practices (happiness and positivity)