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    Objectives of the program

    The program aims to explain the concept and formation of comprehensive quality management and to learn about the standards of excellence and quality used in global modules. This program provides extensive training for participants with management tools and various techniques to build a comprehensive operational management system, simplify procedures, and integrate corporate management performance. This program will also strengthen the management in recognizing the importance of spreading a culture of excellence and quality among all levels of functionality, leadership, and global practices to build an inclusive and sustainable quality system.


    Training Summary

    1. Concept and emergence of comprehensive quality management
    2. Quality and outstanding government performance
    3. Comprehensive Quality Management Tools
    4. Comprehensive quality management techniques
    5. Implementation Stages of Comprehensive Quality Management
    6. Impediments to overall quality success
    7. Global Models of Quality and Institutional Excellence
    8. Categories and standards of quality and institutional excellence
    9. Quality Management and Excellence with Smart Practices
    10. Practices for building methodologies to distinguish between capacity and results