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    Objectives of the program

    The program explains the concept of looking ahead and the best practices for preparing future studies, and the importance of this direction in achieving the vision of good leadership in the governance of the government work system. This contributes to the explanation of the importance of creativity and innovation in supporting the sustainable and future development of all sectors of the State, During the work of the training program, scientific concepts of forward-looking and institutional work practices will be linked and mechanisms for building and administering strategic plans will be explained with competitive and future visions that contribute to enhancing the statehood of the State and promoting the continued dignity of peoples.

    Training Summary

    1. The concept of anticipating the future.
    2. The importance of anticipating the future.
    3. Anticipating the Future Goals
    4. Anticipating the Future methods and practices
    5. Future Outlook and Strategic Planning Process
    6. Anticipating the Future and sustainability
    7. The importance of creativity and innovation
    8. Knowledge and Looking Forward.
    9. Leadership skills in future planning