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    Description of the consulting service

    Through our consulting expertise in the field of institutional excellence and the reality of government practices to build a performance measurement system, our advisory services are specialized in reviewing the outputs and indicators of general institutional performance and linking them to national or international standards of excellence according to the model applied by the entity and by the government and the institutions that serve the distinction, as well as matching the criteria for local discrimination. The methodologies of excellence are required to ensure excellence and leadership in performance by using international quality tools. It is worth noting that we guarantee the building of an integrated system at the level of the institution and its branches that enhances the participation of leaders and those concerned with performance indicators in an integrated, sustainable manner, using technical and smart methods.


    Consultation Outcomes

    1. Aligning the outputs and indicators of institutional performance with the targeted standards of excellence
    2. Building methodologies for institutional excellence according to quality tools for each model
    3. Assigning leadership and supervisory authorities and follow-ups to implement excellence
    4. Preparing quarterly performance reports for departmental excellence results
    5. Identify areas and plans for improvement that support excellence and quality assurance
    6. Launching Excellence Performance Boards for all applicable standards
    7. Promoting a culture of change and transformation of performance, integrative organization, and quality
    8. Contribute to the preparation of participation reports in local quality and excellence awards
    9. Applying best practices for each standard and aligning them with the reality of institutional culture
    10. Building a methodology for appreciating outstanding achievements and the internal award for institutional excellence