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    Objectives of the program

    This program aims to promote the values and principles of its citizens that are valid for participants and promotes the understanding and identification of functional and institutional duties, and responsibilities for the benefit of all members and institutions of society. It aims to emphasize the importance of support, social cohesion, knowledge, and respect for the State’s laws and legislation toward a safe and participatory society. The program also discusses in its themes the importance of accepting cultures and religions as one of the most important elements in achieving affiliation

    Training Summary

    1. Explanation of the main national role of individuals and institutions of society
    2. Concept of national loyalty and good citizenship
    3. Concept of institutional loyalty, key elements, and relevance
    4. Explanation of the pyramid of human loyalty
    5. Explanation of the types of physical and practical qualities of institutional loyalty
    6. Stages of building and growth of institutional loyalty (conformity – engagement – sincerity)
    7. Explanation of the obstacles to increasing institutional loyalty and the main consequences of the lack of loyalty
    8. Factors helping and influencing the development of institutional loyalty
    9. Motivation and stimuli of institutional loyalty
    10. Clarification of indicators for measuring institutional loyalty
    11. Explanation of institutional culture and its role in improving institutional loyalty