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    Objectives of the program

    The program aims at explaining the policies of building a government system to improve the internal and external monitoring practices of the Organization towards building the working environment and supporting all decisions necessary to promote the principle of good governance, achieving objectives, and managing property in unison. The program also contributes to identifying the controls, means of discipline, and the best practices that ensure good, efficient, and effective management, reduce the use of power, adherence to laws, the interest of work and workforce, create an effective working environment, achieving transparency and justice universally in the institutional governance.

    Training Summary

    1. Concept and establishment of the government entity
    2. The importance of the government entity
    3. Global government entity organizations
    4. Key Government Entity Principles
    5. Levels of government settings and monitoring
    6. Key Parties to the government entity
    7. The reasons for implementing the government entity
    8. Corporate government entity practices
    9. Government entity performance Indicators
    10. Building the government system.