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    Objectives of the program

    This program aims to explain the concept of institutional performance and recognize the measurement of the performance of individuals and institutional development to acquire the skill for potential improvements by applying methods to measure institutional performance. Training of participants in the development of special institutional excellence methodologies will allow institutions to achieve standards of performance, leadership, and competitiveness. At the end of the program, trainees will build an integrative system to build, improve and measure government performance’s best practices. The Government’s system of excellence, its working mechanisms, and the types of categories of Governments that aim to achieve the leadership of the institution and the State will also be explained.

    Training Summary

    1. Concept of performance indicators
    2. Performance indicator measurement levels
    3. Types and classification of performance indicators
    4. Formulation of performance indicators
    5. Description and distribution of institutional performance indicators
    6. Methods of data collection and analysis
    7. Performance measurement systems