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    Objectives of the program

    This program aims to promote happiness as a paradigm career in UAE by providing positive and happy environments for all government employees and consolidating positive values in all government ministries, bodies, and institutions because all ministries should be happy with their policies, programs, service, and business environment to contribute towards building a positive and happy society.

    Training Summary

    1. Explanation of the concept of happiness and positivity
    2. The Concept and Importance of Smart Transformation
    3. The importance of adapting the happiness standard at the global and government levels.
    4. Explanation of the concept of happiness indicators.
    5. Understanding the happiness measurement tools
    6. Classification and grading of happiness and its types
    7. Loyalty and the importance of institutional happiness
    8. Corporate Happiness Initiatives
    9. Corporate Happiness Projects
    10. Key values toward individual and institutional happiness
    11. Build the Happiness Law