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    Objectives of the program

    This program aims to provide participants with the basic definitions of the reengineering of administrative processes, including fundamental rethinking, and a radical redesign of management processes to achieve substantial improvements in performance measurement standards such as Cost, Quality, Service, and Speed, a radical development approach towards electronic and smart services. The program also aims to qualify participants to learn about Smart Service classification criteria and stages of development to increase institutional capacity towards leadership and competitiveness.

    Training Summary

    1. Introduction to the concept and standard of organizational processes
    2. Introduction to the importance of managing enterprise operations
    3. Explanation of methodological foundations for process re-engineering
    4. Introduction to the process Management Phase Recognition and Business Systems Engineering
    5. Learn how to analyze and measure processes using smart tools
    6. Identification of smart performance measurement tools
    7. Explain how to streamline and improve business processes toward smart transformation
    8. Learn how to document administrative processes and manage documents digitally.
    9. Training for the engineering side of the business systems and implementing them in the enterprise.
    10. Managing and improving processes towards values and leadership