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    Description of the advisory service

    Our consulting services for the development of organizational structures contribute by using the best methods and tools for improvement and the best international practices to ensure a comprehensive review of the law establishing the institution and effective organizational policies and comparing them with the state’s agenda to identify the most important challenges and future directions. We also seek to enhance the description of the organizational tasks of the departments and sections compared to institutions with similar standards and service orientations locally, within the Gulf, and globally.

    Consultation Outcomes

    1. Review of the law establishing the institution and a proposal to correct the organizational path
    2. Review the announced strategic plan and apply the structural projection rule
    3. Determine the most important benchmarks available to develop the structure
    4. Determine the most important structural descriptions of departments and sections that achieve strategic and service orientations
    5. Classification and characterization of the organizational structure, financially and administratively
    6. Description of the main departments, departments, and functions in the organizational structure
    7. Define and describe the main service nomenclature for all sectors, departments, and sections of the structure
    8. Applying comprehensive employee principles and integrated service stations for branches and departments to ensure quality
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