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    Description of the consulting service

    This consulting service is specialized in offering partnerships and the signing of the memoranda of understanding between the governmental and private sectors, which achieve the complementarity of the economic, environmental, and societal sustainability phases for the employees of those institutions. The memoranda of understanding is developed to translate the state’s agenda with the goals of the two sectors in the same way, with the strategy of the two countries in mind. On the other hand, through this comparative advisory service, we guarantee the best agreements that enhance the benefit, the joint investment and knowledge value to ensure the sustainability of partnerships and their targeted national and economic returns.

    Consultation Outcomes

    1. Providing the best opportunities for partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve the visions of the state’s declared agenda
    2. Enhancing the joint investment and strategic benefits between the parties to the partnership
    3. Achieving the lead in selecting pioneering national and institutional outputs within contracts and memoranda of understanding
    4. Launching the methodology for implementing and managing strategic partnerships and memoranda of understanding
    5. Develop a follow-up mechanism and measure the results of the performance of memoranda of understanding and strategic partnerships
    6. Providing consultations to activate and standardize partnerships and memoranda concluded in an integrated and systematic manner.