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    Objectives of the program

    This program aims to qualify leaders, managers of departments and heads of departments to learn about the concepts and fundamentals of a Smart Government, classification tools, the transformation of smart services, and to familiarize themselves with the comprehensive model of smart government to achieve smart goals and state deliverables towards the government’s competitiveness and pioneering sectors and services of government institutions to the highest performance results and economic sustainability.

    Training Summary

    1. The concept and fundamentals of the Smart Government’s launch
    2. The Concept and Importance of future to Smart Transformation
    3. Pioneering and improving innovation in smart government services
    4. Criteria and indicators for classification of smart government services
    5. Enabling Stages of Electronic Services for Smart Transformation
    6. Tools for re-engineering intelligent procedure services
    7. Building smart strategies for the transformation of government institutions
    8. Smart service center specifications
    9. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Governments