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    Objectives of the Forum

    We are honored to launch the Smart Forum to Prepare Experts and Trainers. Since 2005 we have been training experts through our smart forum in cooperation with the Board of International Trainers in America (BITA) We are honored to launch the Smart Forum to Prepare Experts and Trainers and internationally accredited graduate lecturers in methods that ensure the skills, cognitive and specialized values of each instructor are trained in the field and through our smart application, presenting the ongoing results and monitoring the growth of the personal skills acquired during the preparation stages. Measuring continuous improvement after graduation and the performance of lecturers in practical life ensures that we emphasize the importance of continuing to follow up and guide you to the market of training and rhetorical leadership locally and globally.

    Preparation phases of experts and trainers

    1. Phase I (one day) – Round table introductions and breaking the boundaries
    2. Phase II (six days) – International trainer Criteria (60%)
      • Criterion I – ability, sincerity, and arranging of ideas.
      • Criterion II – body and representation and rhetorical tune.
      • Criterion III – presentation device and scientific material.
      • Criterion IV – preparation of scientific materials and visual presentation material.
      • Criterion V – persuasion skills and the use of physical evidence.
      • Criterion VI – Collaboration (Fun – Controlled – Participation Value)
    3. Phase III (one day) – Verbal Knowledge Exam (20%)
    4. Phase IV (one day) – Presenting the training program before the Excellence Committee (20%)
    5. Phase V – Launch product to the training market.