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    Description of the consulting service

    All governments in the region seek to develop their strategic agenda to foresee the future, as we, through our advisory services in this field, enhance the importance of developing strategic plans by implementing the axes of economic, environmental, and social sustainability on the one hand, and identifying indicators for peoples’ strategic planning towards innovation and life’s stability, on the other hand. A sustainable future is achieved through the formulation of innovative institutional initiatives that ensure the optimal use of resources and enhance the participation of all leaders and workers towards a shared future national responsibility.

     Consultations Outcomes

    1. Reviewing the law establishing the institution and aligning it with the state’s declared agenda
    2. Alignment of strategic objectives with the country’s general strategic plan
    3. Defining competitive performance indicators for the enterprise sector and linking them to the stated goals
    4. Implementation of specialized comparison of local and international institutions to determine the leading future directions
    5. Develop methodologies and processes for developing and managing the strategic and operational plan
    6. Formulation and identification of the most important specialized and innovative strategic initiatives and projects to achieve the objectives
    7. Defining and distributing strategic and operational performance indicators and measures to departments and divisions
    8. Launching a methodology and system for monitoring and measuring strategic and operational performance with smart practices
    9. Strengthening the principle of national responsibility among leaders and workers to achieve the strategic vision
    10. Enhancing the corporate culture and appreciating strategic and operational achievements annually

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