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    Objectives of the program

    The program aims at explaining strategic planning mechanisms, tools, and stages, linking them to an integrated and comprehensive system that ensures clear formulation of the strategic plan and contributes to achieving the vision, applying values, and delivering all the operational initiatives adopted therein, the program’s objective is to explain the criteria of the strategy, explaining the sub-standards, building methodologies and curricula.

    Training Summary

    1. Aligning directions with the country’s agenda and strategy
    2. Explanation of competitiveness, governance, and sustainability and their association with strategy
    3. Learn about recent practices in strategic decision-making
    4. Stages of building and developing the strategic plan
    5. Identification of the strategic plan’s competitive objectives
    6. Preparation (vision, mission, and establishment values)
    7. Formulation of strategic priorities/objectives and initiatives.
    8. Identification of measures, indicators, and outputs of operational and strategic performance
    9. Development and launch of operational plans
    10. Development of strategic and operational performance monitoring system